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Become A 


To join our Member's Forum, Log In at the upper right corner of any screen. Once inside, you can chose to become a participant for any set of classes David is offering. 

Practice and All is Coming. Truly. 

Via Any Mobile Device

To Access David Zki Yoga on your mobile device:

Download the 'Wix Spaces' app from Google Play or App Store. Once it's on your mobile device look in the upper right corner for the 3 Dots ... Tap the 3 Dots and a Menu appears. Tap 'Find More of My Spaces,'


Tap 'Find Now' then Check 'David Zki Yoga.' 


Voila ! You'll our schedule on your Mobile Device. If the Wix Spaces app asks you for a Code enter the letters:   C Z V V W L.

A Class

To book a class when offered at the studio go to the Member's area found in the upper right corner of each page and login. Once inside you will be able to reserve your place for a class. 

You may also book classes via your mobile device (which is easier).

Ocean Water

Practice and

All Is Coming

There is only Now, a moment in reality of what is already Perfect.  Don't resist, carry on with your daily practice of you.

There is nothing else to do that is more important. 

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