An Overview of the Studio

My Yoga for Life Sessions are presented as one-on-one sessions or in small groups. Seldom are there groups greater than 4 members. The instruction you'll receive involves learning proper alignment, the form and function of each yoga asana (the postures) keeping that each pose is designed to further the mind with body connection.  My intent is to offer you opportunities to change your way of being so that you might become more fully aware of your Inner Self.

Yoga for Life, your Health and Fitness


Mentoring in the Ashtanga Yoga Lifestyle

You can chose one-on-one or small group sessions for your individual work in growing both your meditation and yoga practice. In your study of the Ashtanga Yoga Lifestyle you will be offered the opportunity to learn and practice the tradition of yoga's Primary Flow that have been handed down by one person to another over many 1,000s of years. There will be reading in source documents such as the Patanjali Sutras that will fully explain the reasoning behind what is being taught, why certain words are spoken and how to fully understand your place in a practice that connects mind with body.


Small Group & Mysore Yoga Practice

Small group sessions are available with usually  4 members per class. At times the class will be

taught as a flow class while at other times both yoga and meditation will be offered in what's called 'Mysore Style,' a format with opportunities to practice independently from cued instruction. 


As Meditation

Yoga is a unique method by which to enter and maintain a daily Meditation practice. In our practice of yoga we become intimately aware of the internal flutters of mind as we begin to seek to reveal our connection to one another. With yoga we learn to see our connections to Other and how to be present for our part with them. In our Ashtanga practice we also learn that we have a choice in how we respond to Other, especially when as come to know that Other is Us.