Mental Conditioning Shapes Our Reality

Every day we create subtle and not so delicate impressions in our mind. These thoughts shape our vision of reality, adding a unique color to what we think and know as truth. We then see our world in this light. Patanjali Sutras 1:4


The seer conforms to the roaming tendencies of the mind

Overtime we build trust in this knowledge and use it to filter, to define our relationships with family, friends, society, our religious practices as we form ethical and moral values. Our mind comes to define these impressions as an inner truth to which we use all of the available resources of our ego consciousness to confirm and validate the shapes and colors we have chosen. In essence we find truth as we have defined it. In this circular effort we place a veil on pure awareness and instead become a person who believes in the matrix of our well defined impressions of mind that we've chosen over a lifetime. We become happy when we create or see activity that verifies the fruits of our fabricated truth and sad when our vision for life doesn't come to pass. This why we suffer. Yoga is a pathway that frees our mind from its roaming tendencies, offering us the ability to access a pristine state of pure awareness without the veil of the ego consciousness. To know this luminous path is to abide in love and not trust in our fears.

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