Pure Awareness is Subdued by the Mind

Patanjali makes no secret that our ability to still our mind to a place of pure awareness is overshadowed by the distractions and rumination of consciousness. Our modulations of mind that continually transform one thought into another cause consciousness to rarely sit for long. We are often befuddled.

Patanjali Sutras 1:3 tada drastuh svarupe'vasthanam Then pure awareness can abide by its nature

Then the seer becomes established in its essential nature

In contemporary men and women the thoughts of mind are so intermingled with our innate ability to know pure awareness that we think they are one and the same. They are not.

Notions of pure awareness do not know fear or doubt. Similarly cravings for pleasure and our aversion to pain cause the Self to project a false identity where the seer no longer sees itself and as a consequence pure awareness is relegated into the background.

Through yoga these roaming tendencies are detained so that an authentic reality can yoke with the immortal Self as the luminous being IT IS.

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