Yoga Stills the Patterns of Consciousness

Updated: Sep 29

Patanjali Sutras 1:2

Our mind is extraordinarily powerful in its ability to comprehend, to understand our full reality. This prowess comes with a caveat however, a condition that states the quality of our mind's work, how it shapes thought, speech and action, how it forms the basis for what we think and do, is dependent upon the lens by which view our surroundings.

If our mind is convoluted, our understanding of the world is as well. If we seek to think and do through the lens of enlightenment, we live a life in the clarity of pure awareness; the mystic peace that surpasses our understanding yet is nonetheless authentic.

yogacittavrttinirodhah Yoga yields mastery over the roaming tendencies of the mind

Our mind is seldom still, we even dream in our sleep, a time of cognitive processing the events of our day juxtaposed with trials of our lives.

What Patanjali states in these opening statements of Chapter 1 is that our consciousness and pure awareness are distinct attributes of mind and yet to the unknowing, both are often felt as one-in-the-same. This is significant according to Patanjali in that the lack of being able to distinguish between the two, leads to human suffering in thought and action.

In saying that yoga stills the patterns of consciousness, those roaming tendencies, Patanjali suggests that left unabated the Self becomes a house divided in that mind has become separated from its essential nature of pure awareness.

The underlying tenet of yoga then is to provide a pathway for the Self to access pure awareness, making the Self Whole (again).

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