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Hi ~ I'm David and I'll be your guide in offering you instruction in the ancient art of Ashtanga Yoga. I have been practicing yoga since 1993 and  after owning a studio for 11 years, I only offer private sessions, teaching you the most magnificent yoga flow of postures, handed down from person to person, one at a time for more than 2,000 years. The flow is called the Ashtanga Primary and it's based on the ancient writings called the Sutras of Patanjali, first transcribed around the the 2nd Century of our current era.

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My Story

I came to know Ashtanga while at the original Yoga Works on Montana St. in Santa Monica in 1993. I studied with Maty Ezarty (Ashtanga) and later with Erich Schiffmann (Iyengar). I had come to Yoga Works with an injury that physical therapy wasn't able to heal, yet within 3 months of consistent practice I began to see a notable difference in my physical and mental ability as my injury began to heal. Since then I've never looked back and made yoga part and parcel to my lifestyle to this day. 

What I think is most important in the teaching of yoga almost 30 years since I started is the need to make the practice accessible to everyone regardless of body type, emotional countenance, genetics or injury. 

Working With Me (Private One-on-One Study)

Should you decide to study the lifestyle of yoga with me, whether in a small group or by private instruction, the type of flow, that is, the postures I will ask you to do will be taylor made for you and what you can accomplish in the near term so that you reach your stated goals. We will also talk about the Sutras of Patanjali so that you become grounded in the authentic traditions of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga. 


All Of This Takes Time
The study and practice of yoga has no ending. Yoga is patient and will be waiting for you whenever you decide to begin this journey. What you'll learn:

Building Your Yoga Practice:

• Asana study and theory in various styles of Hatha and Yoga

            Including a study of the Form and Function of the Major Asanas of the Primary Series  

• Asana Studies emphasizing Iyengar’s exploration of alignment techniques, benefits,

            contraindications, use of props and modifications of the Primary poses. 

• Pranayama (Focus on the Breath): Purpose, Principles, Techniques 

• Understanding the Sequence of Asanas 

• Building Modifications of Poses


Elements of the Yoga Lifestyle:

• Philosophy and Evolution of Yoga: Ancient Vedic History to Present Day 

• The Patanjali Sutras & Bhagavad Gita

• 8 Limbs of Yoga – theory and application 

• Introduction to Sanskrit Terms of Yoga


Elements of Meditation 

Contact Me

Please use the contact form below to let me know that you're interested learning more about beginning a lasting study of the yoga lifestyle. 

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