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Mysore Classes

In my Private Lessons I'll teach you the Ashtanga Primary. In learning The Primary you will eventually practice yoga in what's called a Mysore Class.  A Mysore Class is a place to practice the Primary Flow from memory, working independently without an instructor cueing you from one pose to the next. As you begin to learn The Primary you may bring your Practice Manual and yoga cards that show the poses. 

Admittance to a Mysore Class is by Invitation Only

Learn a Yoga Flow that was shaped thousands of years ago.

In a Mysore Class you show up to the studio to join a group of students who also working on learning the Ashtanga Primary Flow. You can enter the class at a designated time. Then in the presence of other independent yogis you'll begin your practice of the Primary. The practice will take you about 75

minutes to complete. You leave when you are done.

Build an Independent Yoga Practice You Can Do Anywhere!


In your Private Lessons you'll be taught the Ashtanga Primary so that you can do this flow from memory. There should be no doubt that at the outset of your study of the Primary, you'll not be able to do all of the poses. Some of the poses you'll nail immediately while others will take you years to become proficient. Yes, I said years. However that is why you go to Mysore, to become independent in your practice, to take your practice anywhere. 

In the Mysore Class the instructor is present during the class and may whisper suggestions to you regarding how to properly enter and exit a pose. As I mentioned you may bring the Primary study guide to class to remind you of the order of the flow, posture to posture. 

In this way you're taught to be an independent yogi having learned a yoga flow with a tradition that extends back thousands of years. 

Contact David About Mysore Lessons

To receive more information about learning the Ashtanga Yoga Method and the Mysore System, send me a note!

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