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The Teachers

The teachers of your studio classes bring decades of asana experience, instructional skill and laughter to each session. Each are certified and registered with either Yoga Alliance or Yoga Unify whose non profit organizations offer a supportive blend of governance and guidance that honors ancient yoga wisdom while meeting modern needs. Our instructional practice places a keen eye on the form, function and safety of every asana to assure every student a sense of

equity in study and accomplishment in our ethics based studio.

Tamar Warrior 1.jpg


Tamar is an extraordinary yogi and yoga instructor. She brings more than 9 years as a practitioner and has been  teaching since 2017.  Aligned in the Ashtanga tradition, Tamar leads classes for the intermediate student who wants to be challenged with asanas that build muscle tone, strength and long term flexibility.


Jodi brings over 27 years of Hatha Yoga experience to her sessions. As she aptly leads each Gentle Class with graceful transitions and soothing asanas she'll prudently challenge your flexibility only to leave you relaxed and counting the days until your next visit.



David's been a practicing yogi since 1993 when he sought help for an injury. Raised in the Ashtanga tradition, David now leads classes for both the beginning and intermediate student who want skilled instruction in Iyengar forms that build strength and flexibility in concert with breath control.


Avalon is a graduate of UCLA's Yoga Teacher Training program. She brings with her in innate sense in how to bring the breath together with movement

as each pose is cued. 

Her speciality is Vinyasa.  Avalon has a skill set that will ease a beginner into most challenging pose while offering the advanced yogi an inspiring fresh presentation

of each asana.

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